Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Recover your Acer C7 chromebook without Chromebook Recovery Utility or any software..............(Parrot Lapwing a-c 4258)

If you see a message on your Chromebook saying "Chrome OS is missing or damaged," you may need to reinstall the operating system through a process called recovery. (You can also recover without seeing this error, if you want.) With recovery, you’ll be able to restore your Chromebook to its factory settings and get it working like new.

 Reinstalling the operating system restores your Chromebook to the way it was when it was brand new. Unfortunately, this means all of your data will be erased.
First, try restarting your Chromebook by pressing and holding the Power button until it shuts down, then turning it back on again. If the message still appears, continue with the process.

For this process u will need a usb or sd card of 4GB or more than that...........

Download the Recovery Image Bin File Here : Download  (458 MB)

Extract the (downloaded file)
and you will get a .bin file

Plug in the usb and formate it.............

Then download recovery tool from here : Download (911 KB)

Open the Recovery tool as administrator and cancel the 9mb download

 and you will get a window like this.....

Then Goto Options and Select use local image file and navigate to extracted .bin file and select it.....

Then click Next.... now the recovery tool will Write the recovery image on your USB convert your USB into  recovery media.............

after this process completes remove the USB by Safely Remove Hard ware.........

  1. At the "Chrome OS is missing or damaged" screen, insert the recovery media into the USB port or SD card slot on your Chromebook.
    • If you want, you can reinstall the operating system without seeing the error screen by going into recovery mode. See the "Troubleshooting tips" section below.
  2. The operating system will install automatically. When it finishes, you’ll see a message to remove your recovery media.
  3. After you remove the recovery media, your Chromebook will automatically restart.
Because all of your data has been cleared, you’ll need to sign in to your Chromebook as you did when it was new.
To get back your USB use HP Disk Format tool link : Download (96 KB)  (Run the app as administrator)

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