Wednesday, July 16, 2014

PyChess Game for Chromebook & Chromium OS

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About :-

PyChess is a swift chess client originally developed for GNOME, but running well under any other linux desktops. As far as we know of. PyChess is pure, delicious Python code, from the top of the UI to the bottom of the chess engine, and all under GNU General Public License for you to hack and enjoy.
The goal of PyChess is to provide an advanced chess client for Linux, and do that with a nice and efficient user interface in line with the GNOME Human Interface Guidelines. The client should be fun and exciting to those new to chess - who just want to play a short games to procrastinate their work - as well as those who want to utilize their computer for further enhancing their play.
Very briefly, the following gives a picture of how far we have come. Rest assured that there is much more to come.
  • PyChess lets you play against lots of chess engines in the CECP and UCI formats in many different difficulties. The easiest one being actually easy and making many human like mistakes.
  • If you like to play against others of the human species, PyChess supports online play on the FICS servers. It's a whole big chess community with options to chat, challenge and observe games of great players.
  • You can easily save and open games from the standard PGN, EPD and FEN chess file formats for later continuation or analysis. You can even export a large set of games to a sheet of chess diagrams in the Chess Alpha font.
  • If tend to make mistakes while playing, you'll be happy to know, that PyChess lets you undo in a click. If you need to go for lunch, you can pause the game at any time.
  • When you are in lack of inspiration, PyChess offers an opening book and so called hint and spy modes, which shows you what the computer would do in your place, and what it would do if you opponent could move just now.
  • Further, PyChess offers a rich and while simple interface, with sound, animation and Human Interface as first class citizens.

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