Thursday, July 17, 2014

10 Best Chromebook Games

Whether you prefer a quick puzzle challenge or a full-blown multiplayer romp, Chromebooks offer a wide range of entertaining games. All you need to do is visit the Chome App Store and start downloading. You’ll find several offerings available, but these 10 selections will be your best bet, especially if you’re looking to get the most out of your machine.

10. Kickoff (DoubleTap Software)
Fast, addictive and fun; there's little more you could ask for in a game. For this football game, your character has one simple goal: Score touchdowns by running the ball down the field. You simply kick and drag your player, quickly and skillfully avoiding the defensive line in front of you. With often changing formations, this one is destined to keep you entertained. 

9. Despicable Me 2: Mission Impopsible (Pigomi)

"Despicable Me 2" was easily one of last year's most entertaining animated films, and now the action comes home in this fun arcade-style shooter. Playing as one of Gru's cute yet capable minions, it's your job to shoot rival minions with a juice gun while collecting sweets to keep your run going. Fans of the film and kids in general will have a delicious time with this one.

8.  Cracking Sands Racing (Polarbit3)

Those of you who enjoy a good arcade-style racing game with some shooting thrown in for good measure would be wise to get crackin' with "Cracking Sands Racing." This fast-paced racer features a variety of likable characters, and a whole lot of shoot-em-up excitement across various death-race scenarios. Add in various customization options with weapons galore, and you've got an apocalyptic party you shouldn't miss.

7. Rick O'Shea (Yoyo Games)

Life isn't easy for a stuntman, but it's even worse for the human cannonball "Rick O'Shea." He relies on nimble-fingered gamers to get him through a series of platforming challenges. You'll shoot Rick through a series of cannons, activating switches and avoiding obstacles like spikes and walls as you try to head into the next part of your act. Crazily fast and wickedly fun, "Rick O'Shea" steals the show.

6.  Running Fred (Centergame)

Dealing with a zombie horde is one thing, but dealing with a zombie horde while sprinting at full speed is completely diabolical. Fortunately, a young man named Fred is up to the task in Centergame's fast-paced platformer. You'll guide this hapless hero through a series of levels, overcoming impossible odds and avoiding the undead to stay in one piece. Filled with comical design and plenty of helpful power-ups — including a jetpack — this is one endless runner that doesn't die out.

5.  Tank Riders (Polarbit)

Anyone who grew up with the Atari 2600 classic "Combat" will easily recognize the 3D action of "Tank Riders." You'll find yourself overcoming bad guys with all sorts of weapons, while bouncing shots off walls and avoiding incoming gunfire. The best part about this game is that you can choose your own tactics, whether it's sneaking through hidden pathways or going with a full frontal assault to destroy everyone. Either way, this game will have you saying "Tanks" much.

4.  Spelunky HTML5 (Darius Kazemi)

Another blast-from-the-past that's worth rediscovering on your Chromebook, "Spelunky HTML5" is a devilish delight. As a hapless explorer working his way through treasure-filled caverns, you'll need to stay on your toes. Danger lurks around every corner, including snakes, bats and other unspeakable terrors. Featuring challenging level-designs and cool, 8-bit–style retro graphics, "Spelunky" is good, classic fun.

3.  Uno HD (Addictive Games)

"Uno" remains one of the most popular card games out there — and the digital version is equally addictive. "Uno HD" recreates the joy of the classic game, with plenty of single and multiplayer options to choose from as you try to get rid of all the cards in your hand. But be careful – those nasty "draw four" cards are lurking about. If there's one party game you need for your laptop, this is the one to download.

2.  Plants vs. Zombies (PopCap Games)

Considering PopCap Games' presence on the Chrome Web Store, we couldn't dare list our top 10 games without including one of the company's entries. "Plants vs. Zombies" is easily the most enjoyable of PopCap's offerings, a strategy game in which you employ various plants with special abilities to fend off waves of zombies. Adorable and incredibly fun to play, these "Plants" will easily (ahem) grow on you.

1. Need for Speed World (Electronic Arts)

Who doesn't love a good racer — and in a free-to-play format, no less? "Need for Speed World" brings all the high-speed excitement of the popular EA racing series to your ChromeBook, complete with over 100+ miles of territory to cover, along with multiplayer events and plenty of customization options for your dream ride. Fill 'er up, because chances are you'll be in this speed city for a while.

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